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Pool Installations: 4 Features Ideal For Daily Exercising

Exercising in the pool comes with all types of benefits. You can work out all of your muscles without putting too much pressure on the joints. For people who love the water, a swimming pool workout is a great daily activity and can be done a number of different ways. A lap pool provides a great way to swim against a current, but has limitations on everyday relaxation and use. This is why it's good to chose a standard pool installation that comes with various features to help with your exercising activities. Check out a variety of features that you can have installed with a pool. Each of these features will help you increase your exercise activity and provide you with plenty of options in the water.

Walk-In Stairs

Adding an entryway to your pool not only makes it easy to get into the water, but it can really help with your various types of exercises. Sitting on the stairs in the water can help you with leg lifts and a number of yoga poses. You can also use larger stairs to perform other exercises like push-ups. Going up and down the stairs is also another great cardio exercise that can be done on longer staircases. After exercising in the water, the stairs are a great place to sit and soak a little bit before you get out of the pool for good.

Heated Water Pump

For many people, a morning exercise is a great way to start the day, feel refreshed, and get a workout in. Swimming in the morning can involve some cooler temperatures, making it uncomfortable to get into the water. If you plan on doing a lot of morning exercises in the pool, then you can have a heated water pump installed. These water pumps will help add some warmth to your pool water, allowing you to exercise at any time of the day. Thermostats allow you to set the water to a specific temperature so that you are comfortable. The heated water can also help for night time exercises when the air is a little chilly.

Water Games

Swimming laps is a great way to exercise in the pool, but with a standard installation, you can make your pool exercises a group activity. Pool companies have the ability to install a variety of water games in the pool. One of the more common options is a volleyball net. A volleyball can be strung across the center of the pool and provide you with fun ways to play different water games. The net can be installed in the low areas of the pool so that all of the players can stand comfortably in the water. Another water game that can be installed in the pool is a basketball hoop. A basketball hoop will be permanently fixed to the side edge of the pool. It's a great way to shoot around or play fully competitive games with family members and friends.

In-Pool Lighting

See where you're going and what exercises you are completing with an in-pool lighting installation. In-pool lights will fully illuminate the water. During dusk and dawn exercises, this can really increase the safety in the water. You will have the ability to swim underwear, see where you are going and get all the exercises done that you want to complete. In-pool lighting comes with a variety of options including standard lighting or special colored lights with a number of different colored options. Extra lighting can also be installed around the edges of the pool to provide visuals as you walk on the pool deck.

Contact a pool contractor to help plan out various designs and ensure that the pool installation fits your exercising needs.