Updating Your Pool To Sell Your House

Did The Previous Owners Of Your New Home Allow Pool Stains To Happen? 3 Steps To Renew The Surface

When you bought your new home, you might have known that the swimming pool would take a little work. After all, you could see that the floor and walls of the pool were coated in a film or had discolorations. Yet, you may now be wondering if you got in over your head since it seems as though the stains do not come up with normal cleaning. Although swimming pool stains can be difficult to remove, you can use these steps to restore the surface of your pool to a beautiful, crystal clear finish.

Identify the Source of the Stains

Pool stains can originate from a variety of sources, and figuring out what caused the stains helps you to figure out the best way to remove them and prevent them from happening again. Start by looking at the color of the stains. Typically, organic materials such as rotting leaves or algae cause a greenish-brown stain. Rust-colored stains may be caused by a build up of metal in the water such as copper or iron. In some instances, you may also find red or purple stains. While these can be caused by metal, they could also be from berries or other organic matter depending upon the plant life growing near your pool.

Determine the Best Course for Removal

When stains are fresh or relatively mild, you can often remove them by shocking the pool water and using a brush to gently scrape them off of the surface. However, some stains require extra effort, and you may need to use a special type of cleaner designed for your pool's surface type. For example, an enzymatic cleaner combined with a mildly abrasive scrubber can help remove stains from the grout on a tile-lined pool. If you find that stains are extensive or impossible to remove on your own, then an acid wash pool service is the ideal way to get your plaster pool back to its original color.

Prevent Future Stains From Occurring

Once you have a beautiful pool surface, you want to keep it that way. Start by making sure that the chemicals are always kept in proper balance, and make sure that organic matter is removed from the water regularly. You may also need to use a special filter that is designed to remove metal from the water if that was the source of the stains.

A swimming pool is often a major selling factor for homes, and you likely envisioned your family and friends enjoying many beautiful summer days around your favorite outdoor feature. While it will take a little work, you can achieve your vision of a pool that accents your outdoor living area and invites everyone to take a swim. For more information, contact companies like Clean Touch Pool Service.