Updating Your Pool To Sell Your House

Three Tips For Caring For Your Pool

When homeowners add a swimming pool to their property, they may be primarily focused on the entertainment and enjoyment that they will get from it. Sadly, they may give little consideration to the maintenance that the pool is going to require to keep it in good condition for their family.

Understand The Serious Consequences That Can Follow Inadequate Cleanings

The most basic type of maintenance that the pool will require is cleaning on a regular basis. If you don't have a regular pool cleaning, you'll have excessive dirt and grime on the liner. In addition to drastically reducing the quality of the water, this issue may also cause the pool to suffer mechanical problems and malfunctions. This occurs due to debris becoming jammed in the moving parts of the system or blocking the various hoses that the pump and filter system will use.

Test The Water Every Week

Your pool's water will need to maintain a minimum threshold of a variety of chemicals to keep it from growing algae and becoming extremely unsanitary. However, exposure to the sun, rain, and other weather conditions can cause these chemicals to start to degrade. Eventually, they will completely lose their ability to protect the pool's water. If you take the time to test the pool's water every week, you will be able to ensure that you add the needed chemicals to keep the water in good condition.

It can be tempting for homeowners to skip this step in the process due to assuming that they can simply use the same chemicals each week. In addition to reducing the effectiveness of these substances, this can also be harmful to the pool and irritating to your skin. By investing a few moments into performing this test, you can avoid these potentially serious issues.

Thoroughly Winterize The Pool System Before Freezing Temperatures Arrive

As the fall approaches, you will need to start planning to winterize the pool. Failing to winterize the pool can contribute to it suffering potentially major damage due to the water freezing. While homeowners may assume that this will be a problem due to it rupturing the sides of the pool, it is actually an issue due to it rupturing the pump and filter system. To avoid your system suffering damage as a result of the water freezing, you must thoroughly drain the pump and filter of the pool. It may also be wise to invest in a cover for the pool so that you can minimize the amount of debris that gets into it.