Updating Your Pool To Sell Your House

Some Pool Remodeling Ideas That Can Update Your Old Swimming Pool

If you're tired of your old rectangular swimming pool, it may be time to have it remodeled. There are many things you can do to an old pool to make it more attractive. You can even change the shape and depth. If you're adding an outdoor kitchen, outdoor theater, or expanding your patio for more living space, it's the perfect time to remodel your pool to complement the space. Here are some ideas.

Add A Beach Entry And Tanning Shelves

You can soften the harsh rectangular shape of your pool by adding a beach entry that allows you to walk right into the pool rather than climb down steps or a ladder. A beach entry is fun for kids and provides smaller kids shallow water to play in. The shallow water is also fun to relax in on a lounge with your drinks nearby. You can enjoy dipping your toes in the cool water while you sunbathe or lounge under a shade umbrella. If you love to sunbathe to soak up heat or get a tan, then you may also enjoy having a tanning shelf added to your pool. This allows you to lounge close to the water or sit in chairs with your feet in the water. Plus, tanning shelves are comfortable to sit on so you can be partly in the water while you watch your kids swim.

Add A Waterfall And Slide

A waterfall is a fun addition to a swimming pool. Watching the water is relaxing, and kids love to play under the falling water. Waterfalls can often be combined with a built-in slide that adds fun for kids and makes climbing a pool slide a little safer. A rock waterfall with a grotto is nice, since it provides a place to hide from the sun while you listen to the sound of the water. A waterfall can help transform an ordinary, rectangular pool into a pool that looks more like a natural pool, when you add the right deck and landscaping features.

Consider LED Lighting

Underwater LED lighting can be fun when you swim at night or when you want to watch the water after dark. The LED lights turn your pool green, blue, or pink for a breathtaking effect that adds a bit of glamour to an outdoor party. In addition to lighting, you can have tiles installed that glow in the dark. The glowing bits can be arranged in a variety of patterns, or they can be placed randomly so you feel like you are swimming among the stars.

You may have an idea in mind of how you want your remodeled pool to look, or if all you know is that you want something more modern than your boring pool, talk to a pool specialist, like Craft Custom Outdoors, about your options. There may be ways to transform your pool that you never considered, but would be perfect for your outdoor living space.