Updating Your Pool To Sell Your House

Spring Spa Services To Complete Your Outdoor Preparations For Summer

There may be many different things that you want to have repaired this summer around your pool or outdoor areas. The hot tub is one of the features you do not want to forget. You want to make sure to do all the maintenance it needs. The following spa repair information will help you get your hot tub ready for warmer temperatures:

Draining the Spa and Flushing Equipment

Your hot tub may still have water in it from the last time it was used. Therefore, you may want to drain the spa and fill it up with fresh water before summer. A spa service can drain the hot tub, as well as flush all the lines and equipment. This will clean out any buildup that can cause wear and damage to the hot tub.

Checking the Hot Tub Equipment for Damage

There may be issues with your spa equipment that need to be repaired before using it this summer. Some of these issues with hot tub equipment include:

  • Damaged inlets and outlets
  • Pumps Freezing up
  • Issues with the spa heater

The problems with hot tub equipment will need to be repaired before you start using your spa. A spa service will inspect all the equipment to determine the problems that need to be repaired.

Installing New Covers and Skirts for the Spa

The hot tub may also need a cover before the summer weather. There are several benefits to covering your hot tub when it is not in use. First, it helps to keep the water clean when you are not using the pool. It will also help prevent water evaporation, which is worse during the hot weather. In addition, you may need to have a skirt for your hot tub installed or have the existing one repaired.

Testing and Treating the Water in the Spa

The water in your hot tub is also going to need to be checked to ensure it has the right treatments. This is similar to the treatments that go into the pool, but it can be a little more complicated. Therefore, you may want to have a spa service handle the treatments that need to be added to your hot tub. If you only have a hot tub, you can schedule the service to come regularly, just like they would for a pool.

Hot tubs need maintenance and repairs before they are used. Contact a spa service near you for help with maintenance, repairs, and installation of hot tub equipment before summer.