Is It Safe to Have a Waterbirth in a Hot Tub?

Although waterbirthing has been around for at least two centuries, it's experienced a surge in popularity in the last couple of decades are women look for natural ways to deal with childbirth pain. Although most women use a large tub or inflatable pool, some have wondered if it would be safe to use a jet tub for a water birth. Giving birth in a hot tub is safe as long as you take the following precautions.

Why Use A Pool Cover

Having a swimming pool in your yard is a luxury.  Once it is in place you will want to do your best to maintain it so that you don't have to pay for costly repairs.  One way to maintain your pool is to put a pool cover over it when it's not in use. Why use a pool cover? Retains heat By covering the pool when it is not in use it helps the water to stay warm.